24/7 Control Room: 084 4809 9592

LONDON OFFICE: 020 8534 6461

MAIDSTONE OFFICE: 07941 444 479

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Equal Opportunity Policy

(Commitment to Local Economy and Community)



Citywatch Security Services is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants are treated fairly on the basis of their ability and qualification.


Where appropriate and reasonable, Citywatch Security Services may consider recruiting or engaging appropriately qualified employees who are based locally to a site or a project location.


This is consistent with Company environmental policy on cutting waste; reducing mileage travelled; commitment to contribute to local community and economy; and support for our client’s CSR targets.








Lawrence Orakwue

(Operations & Compliance) May 2017

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Health and Safety Policy

Environmental Policy

24/7 Control Room: 084 4809 9592

London Office: 020 8534 6461

Maidstone Office: 07941 444 479

Email: info@citywatchservices.com

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